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Module 2B: TelePrEP Delivery Model

This module will provide an overview of telePrEP program goals and models, policies and regulations that impact telePrEP implementation, and common telehealth technologies.

    1. Series Notebook

    2. Executive Summary

    3. TelePrEP Definition and Goals (3 min)

    4. TelePrEP Policy and Regulation Considerations (2 min)

    5. TelePrEP Delivery Models (20 min)

    6. Knowledge Check

    7. Commonly Used Technologies (2 min)

    8. Evaluation Opportunities (3 min)

    9. Module Reflection & Feedback

Module Curriculum

  • 9 lessons

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Cody Shafer-Fritz

Module Instructor

Cody Shafer-Fritz serves as a consultant member of NASTAD's PrEP Access Team where he provides subject matter expertise and support to participating jurisdictions exploring TelePrEP implementation strategies primarily through the TelePrEP Learning Collaborative.